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Seabees Photo

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Gayland shard this photo posted on the Navy Seabee Museum site that features Seabees working on a jeep and some other vehicles. The Navy’s Seabee website has done a good job of organizing its digital collections based on multiple factors (time period and location in most cases).

If you haven’t ever visited the museum, it’s located in Port Hueneme. We had a chance to visit back in 2014 while it was undergoing updates. I’m sure it’s even better now.



5 Comments on “Seabees Photo

  1. Allan J. Knepper

    Dave……thanks for the heads up on the Seabee Museum from the archives and inclusion of the cool photo. When I was in the Navy during the late 1960’s, I always wished I could have gotten into a Seabee unit instead of bouncing around the ocean in a cramped old ship for weeks at a time !! My cousin did get into the Seabees at about the same time and it was a great tour of duty.

  2. Barney Goodwin

    With credits to the Naval History And Heritage Command, the following: ” Over 12,500 African Americans served in Seabee units in the Atlantic and Pacific theaters during World War II, a group largely forgotten today. During the war these men not only built advanced bases and offloaded cargo, but helped break institutional conceptions of race, paving the road toward complete integration of the Navy. “

  3. Barney Goodwin

    Navy bootcamp, Orlando, April, 1972. A Seabee came into our barracks and made a presentation to see if any recruits were interested in becoming a Seabee. One interesting requirement I never understood: A height requirement. I think it was 6 ft.

  4. Kerk W Evans

    The height requirement was for the Coast Guard. In the event your boat sank you could wade back to shore.

    Proud Seabee Veteran

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