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1946 Photo of Jeep Packed with People

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This April 03, 1946, photo from the Spokesman Review shows Dave Zimmerman and his band/radio show ensemble stuffed into a jeep. With a Detroit transit strike raging, a borrowed jeep was the only way to get everyone to their radio show gig.

According to this page, Dave Zimmerman was a long time announcer at WWJ in Detroit. He hosted a popular radio program called Coffee Club and was on the air for Detroit’s first television broadcast from the 47th floor of the Penobscot Building.



4 Comments on “1946 Photo of Jeep Packed with People

  1. Joe in Mesa

    WOW: 9 people and that bass? I wonder who fell out or fell off!
    The man holding his hat is probably standing on the bumperette.
    And where did the legs of the man next to the driver go?
    Of course the question is, “MB or GPW”? 😉

  2. Barney Goodwin

    Look at the guy in black with the big fedora immediately behind the front seat passenger. He doesn’t look proportional to the photo. But I do like the hat!

  3. David Eilers Post author

    He does look a little out of place, but I’m guessing the other guy is sitting on his lap?

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