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1944 Video “War Devastates Reich Towns”

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Thanks to John once again for finding this news real. A variety of jeeps make their appearance.

Per John, “L/S devastated German town of Hurtgen. M/S of American soldier suffering from trench foot limping past the camera. Various shots of the soldiers eating a long awaited meal. M/S American jeep racing through Linnich to escape shells, the roads are littered with dead German soldiers. L/S as tank backs into building. Troops run for cover in the streets. M/S as church steeple collapses after being hit.”


3 Comments on “1944 Video “War Devastates Reich Towns”

  1. David Eilers Post author

    Joe, nothing confirmed, but John thinks
    L/S is Long Shot
    M/S is short shot
    C/U is close up.

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