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1953 M-38A1 Palm Springs, CA $5500


Solid looking M-38A1.

1953-m38a1-palmsprings-ca0 1953-m38a1-palmsprings-ca1 1953-m38a1-palmsprings-ca2 1953-m38a1-palmsprings-ca3 1953-m38a1-palmsprings-ca4

“Very stock original parts: CA and AZ owned. Basically rust free, small surface rust here and there.
Starts, runs and drives as it should. 4×4 engages easily. Most gauges work, voltage not always.
Has solid bolt on roof, doors, and glass not currently mounted that comes with it.
This is not the jeep to put a V8 in and build your dream rock crawler.
Unbolt the roll bar and change the tires and its back to stock.

In the first three months of 1953, Willys built the new improved military Jeep with three distinct differences.
Early 1953 have two piece front fenders, front grill has two hinges for easy maintenance, and the hood battery cover has four straps not the two that all others have. By April 1953 changes were made and those three characteristics were dropped.

Title in hand, currently on CA non-op Zero snog needed, Zero back DMV costs

Looking to trade for something sporty and I’m willing to add cash to the deal up to 10k.”


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