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Our ‘New’ Racing Jeep

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My ‘new’ race jeep

I owe Marty Tilford a hearty thanks for spotting this jeep on the local Yakima Craigslist. I never saw it, because it was listed in the wrong category (tires and wheels), so it sat there for a few weeks before Marty sent me the link. Long story short, I showed Ann the jeep and she said, “buy it; you deserve it”. How can I argue with that?

On Sunday we drove to Naches, Washington, where we met Don and Ruth, the owners of the jeep.  They are members of the Yakima Valley Timberwolves club. We enjoyed meeting them and swapping jeep stories. They loved racing the jeep, and were sad to see it go, but the pounding of racing the jeep was too hard on Don, so he thought it best to pass it along.


This is the Yakima Valley Timber Wolves club sticker.

This race jeep has a built and bored Chev 350 with a Ford Toploader four-speed and a Dana 20 transfercase. The engine is a fresh 350 Chevy bored 30, with 202 summit heads, and an Edelbrock intake with a Holley 4-barrel carburetor,

The body is a narrow body fiberglass. The rear springs were outboarded (DJ-5 or FC mounts still there), but have since been moved underneath the axle; I’d like to move them out again. The front springs are reversed. The rear Dana 44 axle is from a scout. The front is a narrowed Dana 44, but I can’t remember from what.

Here’s a pic of the jeep with the front clip removed:


I didn’t have to look it over much before I was ready to jump in and drive it onto the trailer:

When we arrived at our new place, we discovered one of the rear tires was flat. The rear wheels have spacers on it meant to widen the stance but that also meant the jeep barely fit between the rails of the trailer. We suspect the tire may have lost its bead, which caused the air to go out.


It’s not a big problem, as I plan to a couple Desert Dogs on back anyway.

Below you can see it parked in the new shop. It’s officially the first item moved into our new place (the Roadster in front is the seller’s):


One of the biggest changes I need to make is to redo the seating so I fit more comfortably. The other thing is to finalize the name. I am told this jeep was originally built by Brian Wylie (sp?). At some point it was known as the Red Delicous (the red paint can still be seen in a few small places).

One name we had in mind was to name it the “Cosmic Crisp” (an apple invented by nearby Wash State Univ) as a nod to the early name. While I like the name, it isn’t one that rolls off the tongue.

OR, because the jeep has Marvin the Martian mud flaps, we thought about calling the jeep “Marvin” and theming it with a Marvin the Martian theme. It turns out that is one of Ann’s all-time favorite cartoon characters. But, I also think there may be another Marvin race jeep out there (it seems I remember one from the 80s, but I could be wrong).


Note the Marvin the Martian mud flaps.

I likely won’t get to making changes on this for at least a few weeks. In the meantime, here are a few more pics from the ad:


racejeep-naches5 racejeep-naches6


First appearance  of Marvin the Martian on Bugs Bunny:


16 Comments on “Our ‘New’ Racing Jeep

  1. Will R.

    The race Jeep will be a lot of fun! And also congratulations on your new place! Looks like an amazing location with so much room and work space !!! Room to collect one of every Jeep model ever made !! LOL

  2. art and garner


  3. Allan J. Knepper

    Great looking hot rod !! And welcome to the club of….. “Internal Combustion Males Who Abhor Empty Space In Their Building” …….the membership fees are quite steep !


    THE GREENHOUSE GAS ELIMINATOR — sbc , holley double pumper mechanical secondarys , ferd top shift , dana twenty , jeepster commando frame , plastic chinese body , dana 44 magnums , dopey ” woodys driveshaft bumpersticker ” , no speedo , not street legal , substantial roll cage , windshield delete , nut behind the wheel ..

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Will, yes, there’s plenty of room, but I would like to remain married 🙂

  6. David Eilers Post author

    Allan: I don’t think it will take long to fill this … I just turned down a local stock 1956 CJ-5 with a Monroe Lift. Though, perhaps after I see more pics, I will change my mind? hmmm. Not many Monroe Lift equipped jeeps out here.

  7. Marty Tilford

    Congratulations on the new race jeep!! I cant wait to see you out in it. You are going to love having it. With the dunes not too far from you that will make for some good seat time and learning the rig.

  8. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks Jim,

    I’d like to be there, but 1) we are just beginning our move into the new place (I will be moving the first boxes and get the keys today), 2) my M-I-L is still with us (and a handful), and, most importantly, 3) I have to redo the driver’s seat my long legs can fit a little better. Tim and Steve Carter also want to help add some sway bars, as they feel the jeep needs to be flatter in the curves, so they have offered help so we can have it ready (hopefully) for the July 4th race in Glenwood.

    – Dave

  9. David Eilers Post author

    Marty: Couldn’t have done it without you, so thanks! Yep, once I get the seats redone (and redo the gas pedal so it’s on more of a roller system to reduce the effects of hitting bumps), I plan to take it out and play a bit. Steve’s offered to let me use his father’s trailer for the summer, so no need to rush out and buy a new trailer either.

    – Dave

  10. Steve Walkup

    Congratulations on the new house and jeep. I dream of a shop that size. Any chance of getting some shots of the (swing-out?) tube door/roll bar on the Jeep, especially the attachment points when you have time?

  11. David Eilers Post author

    Steve, will do. Those swing-outs are required by the PNW4WDA Racing rules. Sometimes when folks roll, they stick their hands out, injuring them. The swing bar and netting help stop that.

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