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1945 Video ‘The Lighter Side of War’

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This short video shared by John shows a jeep used to make ice cream, then a soldiers getting a haircut in front of pinup photos.

“Various shots of the American soldiers making ice cream with the aid of the drive of a jeep. Several shots of the American soldiers eating their home-made ice cream.

Several shots of barbers shop with wall filled with pin-up girls. The barber has great difficulty in making customers keep their heads straight.

Voiceover finishes: “There’s only one thing a barber can do for this able-bodied soldier with Grable-bodied mind.”


4 Comments on “1945 Video ‘The Lighter Side of War’

  1. Vintage Don

    My only thought watching the ice cream churn was – put it over on the DRIVER’S SIDE, so the exhaust isn’t dumping right into the ice cream…..

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Don, that occurred to me, too. But, then, it looked cold out, so maybe they put it there so they soldiers could keep warmer?

  3. colin peabody

    Under normal circumstances, only the right rear wheel actually drives full time, so I am guessing the exhaust flavored the ice cream! Unique way to drive the paddle in the freezer, bet it froze the cream very quickly!

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