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April 1954 Ad for Wagon in Better Homes & Gardens

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This ad is part of a set of wagon-related brochures. The brochures aren’t in the best shape, but what caught my eye was the Better Homes & Gardens ad. It’s another example of Willys Motors producing what seems to be unique content for that magazine.


Here’s the full eBay ad:


“Three (3) paper documents relating to the Willys Jeep station wagon.

1. Advertisement out of Better Homes & Gardens, April, 1954.
9 1/2 by 12 1/2 inches.
Condition: Colors still bold and beautiful, but the edges are worn.

2. Willys-Overland dealer sales brochure.
The “Jeep” Station Sedan. Known today as the station wagon.
The brochure is not dated but likely is 1948 +/-.
11 1/2 by 9 inches.

Four (4) pages.
According to the timeline on the “Station Sedan” was an upscale version of the wagon.

Condition: The colors on the front are clean and bold. The bottom right corner is bumped and creased. The back cover is soiled, and there are a couple of white spots where glued tags were removed. The interior is good.

3. America’s Greatest All-Purpose Car!
Willys Motors, Inc., Toledo, Ohio.
This dealer sales brochure is not dated but likely is 1950.
6 fold, two sided, full color.
Condition: The colors are bold and beautiful! There is a 3 inch tear down one panel. Some wrinkling from being opened and refolded. Very readable and collectible.”


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