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1944 Video “In The Mood”

• CATEGORIES: Features

This oddly titled video, most likely based on a phrase used during the first segment, shows soldiers training to be imaginative in the midst of battle. Jeeps are used in multiple scenes as impromptu ambulances.

“Location of events unknown.
Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) in training under mock battle conditions. M/S of RAMC men guiding walking wounded and carry stretchers. They duck from explosions. The wounded are taken to makeshift medical tent – a lorry covered with a tarpaulin. Various shots of jeep being transported across lake on barge, whilst under fire. The jeep is rigged up as ambulance to carry stretcher cases. Various shots of RAMC men taking stretcher cases across lake by rowing a makeshift raft (hay bales covered in tarpaulin). M/S of RAMC man swimming across lake. He fixes up two ropes. Two more RAMC men, with stretcher harnessed between them, cross lake using ropes.”


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