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1944 GPW Damascus, OR $6500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $6500.

(04/14/2021) I don’t recognize the winch.

“Selling a 1944 Ford Jeep GPW with Good Bones, not rusted and has been garaged for 30+ years.
Runs and drives well with a good running Chevy 283 small block V8
Original GPW 7000 Transmission—3 Speed Manual With Low
Tow Bar makes it towable behind a truck or RV
Curb weight 2315 LBS”

1944-gpw-gresham-or40 1944-gpw-gresham-or440 1944-gpw-gresham-or41

1944-gpw-gresham-or43 1944-gpw-gresham-or4


6 Comments on “1944 GPW Damascus, OR $6500

  1. Alaska Paul

    What did they do to that poor firewall? I’d bet his wife was pissed when she discovered two dining room chairs were missing from the table and that winch cable sure could use a fairlead.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    I’m guessing that’s fiberglassed?? It looks like the cable was either cut or snapped? You’ve lost me on the chairs part.

    I missed it the first time, but this has the a vacuum-power-brake setup.

  3. Alaska Paul

    The original front seats on this jeep have been replaced with modified chairs that look like they came from a dining room table set.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Paul … wow … not sure how I missed them even after your comment. Is it my eyes? My brain? Not enough coffee in the morning?

    – Dave

  5. Gayland Leddy

    I think those seats are government surplus. I used to have one similar from the Navy. The winch looks like it might be a Braden modified for the electric motor setup.

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