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No Updates Monday


Remember that time I wrote that I hoped regular updates would resume on Monday? Well, life threw us a curve. I visited my mother for Mother’s Day and learned she is struggling much more than I realized. So, we will probably be moving her sooner rather than later.

I brought back a few items from her place, like some desert dog tires for the race Jeep and some tools, but had hoped to bring back the DJ-3A aka Patterson (with Steve Carter’s offer to trailer it to Prosser). However, my mother’s garage door was broken and  Patterson wouldn’t start (fuel pump not working), so I told Steve we’d do it some other time. I never got the fuel pump working, but I did get the garage door working again. I will swap in my electric fuel pump for the time being.


4 Comments on “No Updates Monday

  1. David Eilers Post author

    Tom: many thanks for that. The move part is complete, though there is plenty of unboxing left!

    Mitch: Yeah, there are number of issues at this point. The good news is that we think we have a buyer for her property (neighbor) that will allow her some flexibility as we make this transition, so that will greatly ease things.

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