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1956 DJ-3A Convertible Newton, NC $11,995


Tom spotted this nice looking DJ-3A Convertible. It doesn’t look like it has the convertible top and it’s missing the hubcaps, but otherwise this seems one of the better DJ convertibles that I’ve seen. It looks like it’s been repainted at some point.

“Vintage one of a kind 1956 Willy’s Overland JeepOnly 1 owner til recently4 cylinder, manual 3 on the column4 lugs (yes they exist)39k original miles$11,995”

1956-dj3a-newton-nc1 1956-dj3a-newton-nc2 1956-dj3a-newton-nc3 1956-dj3a-newton-nc4


6 Comments on “1956 DJ-3A Convertible Newton, NC $11,995

  1. Joe D

    Certainly does look decent but the dealer’s spacebook info is a bit confusing: automatic trans, fuel type “other”, & powered by “Wayne Reaves”. WTH ?

  2. Denny Napier

    Obviously this dealer ins unfamiliar with selling vintage Jeeps; but he can be forgiven for the “automatic trans” because Facebook seems to automatically put that in every vehicle listing. Other sellers have complained about it but FB doesn’t seem to care.

  3. colin peabody

    Not sure how many of these had a rear seat, due to the forward slope of the rear curtain. YOu couldn’t sit in that seat with the curtain zipped up.

  4. Scott Hartz

    Were front bucket seats offered on a DJ3A? My understanding was they came with a wide drivers seat with an optional narrow passenger seat.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Scott: My understanding is that most DJ-3A Convertibles used the 2/3 1/3 front seat, but I’d wouldn’t be surprised if a person could order them with the seats as shown in this DJ.

  6. David Eilers Post author

    Colin: Even the front seats would be tough for me to sit in with the convertible top installed!

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