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CJ-3B Glavanized Body and CJ-5 Roller, Longview, WA


UPDATE: Still Available.

(03/08/2021) Some value here for the right person.

  1. CJ5 roller, sand blasted and ready to build. Comes with 350/350 and Dana 300 transfer case, and a new fiberglass one piece front clip. Lots of parts that all go with it, hoods, fenders, roll bar, etc. $3000
  2. The other is a brand new galvanized 3b tub and hood, also have a new grill. $1600.

2 Comments on “CJ-3B Glavanized Body and CJ-5 Roller, Longview, WA

  1. Bob

    That’s interesting, would it have been factory built or? Pretty good price for someone.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Bob, A guy named Del was selling stainless (well a stainless/galvanize comb) and galvanized CJ-3B bodies prior to his death (around 7 years ago). I suspect this was one of those bodies. The were built in the Philippines.

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