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2021 Spring Willys Reunion Photos

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Jonah Hodkins posted a bunch of pics from this year’s Willys Spring Reunion. You can see them all on Facebook here:

Here are ten of them.

2021-willys-spring-reunion1 2021-willys-spring-reunion2 2021-willys-spring-reunion3 2021-willys-spring-reunion4 2021-willys-spring-reunion5 2021-willys-spring-reunion6 2021-willys-spring-reunion7 2021-willys-spring-reunion8 2021-willys-spring-reunion9 2021-willys-spring-reunion10


5 Comments on “2021 Spring Willys Reunion Photos

  1. Mike

    Great pictures, I especially like the top pic of the grey & black custom body Willys, very cool & creative.

  2. Michael From Dayton

    This was a great show! Nice weather but we missed you Dave. The guy with the Willys in the first photo had an interesting story—that was originally his grandfather’s Jeep and he actually did most of the body mods to it. There was also a couple that brought their Jeepster—it was her mother’s first car and it was still in the family since new. One of the interesting things about going to these—hearing the stories.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Michael: I agree, too, that it’s the stories that make the vehicles more interesting. I hope to be out there next year.

    Mike: I agree with the custom jeep. I’d like to know the story behind that one.

  4. SteveK

    I’d like to see more pics of the rear modifications of that gray one if available.

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