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Cardboard Display Jeep With Various Drinks

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Dave Meyer posted this jeep-themed cardboard display to Facebook. It contained Body Armor, Monster, and other drinks. I believe he spotted this in Florida. Anyone else run across this?

2021-05-23-dave-meyer-cardboard-jeep-display-walmart-fl1 2021-05-23-dave-meyer-cardboard-jeep-display-walmart-fl2


5 Comments on “Cardboard Display Jeep With Various Drinks

  1. John

    They have one at my local Walmart in Missouri. Think it has Monster drinks in it also. Front end looks much better than the back of it. Wish I knew someone who worked there for when they were done with the display!

  2. James R Hybicki

    at a
    farm and Fleet in Elkhorn WI in November 2020. they wouldnt let me have it.

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