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Jeep Camper Ads

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Since we are on the topic, here are a few different jeep-camper ads from 1969/1970.

The ad below was published in the May 21, 1969, issue of the Courier Journal out of Louisville, Kentucky. This ad included Jeep’s 2-Car Cars ad campaign:



This third-of-a-page ad appeared in the August 7, 1969, issue of the Napa Valley Register out of California:


This much smaller ad appeared in multiple newspapers across the country. This screen shot is from the August 13, 1969, issue of the The Times Recorder out of Zanesville, Ohio:


This final ad was published in the April 21, 1970, issue of The News, out of Frederick, Maryland. This  is the smallest ad of the bunch and the least impressive:




6 Comments on “Jeep Camper Ads

  1. Mike

    BLAZE YOUR OWN TRAIL, Interesting to note that GM came out with a similar version based on the Chevy BLAZER, in the early 1970’s. Neither one of these were big sellers. Never seem one in person, only in print.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Sam .. are there still only 7 known in existence? I don’t know what the current count is.

    – Dave

  3. John B

    Any idea on how many were produced?

    Around the same time, a firm offered a camper to fit in the Studebaker Wagonaire wagon with the sliding roof panel.
    I think only one was built but media exposure was high and it received publicity way out of proportion to the number built.
    Is this the same they of thing?

    The fact an example was shown at dealers for a limited time makes me wonder it it wasn’t a well travelled demonstrator or even prototype.

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