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Dave’s Unknown Seats … FJ-40 Seats

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UPDATE: Thanks to folks smarter than me, I believe these are FJ-40 seats, though the hand rails may have been added.

The guy who sold them to Dave claimed they came from off the wheel house of an M-38A1 (also known as the wheel well), but when Dave tried them on his M-38A1, they didn’t fit.



Here’s how well the fit (or didn’t fit) on the M-38A1:




6 Comments on “Dave’s Unknown Seats … FJ-40 Seats

  1. SteveK

    Maybe they mistook a M170 for a M38A1? The extended wheel base would lend itself to use, including the CJ6 model. I agree tho, that the Landrover with “rear entrance” access is probably the source, considering the one sided handle bar/grip.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    I did check out the FJ-40, but didn’t see similar seats (hardly an exhaustive search). So, I tried again just now. Ans, sure enough, here are similar seats, though they don’t have the side bars: … so thanks guys!

    The CJ-6 and/or M-170 wheelhouse didn’t have stock wheelhouse/jumo seats (that I’m aware of). That said, I have seen some sort of wheelhouse seats adapted to CJ-6s for carrying more people. I’m not sure what was used for seats in that case.

  3. Dave from Mn

    Thanks guys. I looked up the fj40 jump seats and that’s exactly what they are. Was hoping that they would have been for cj as cool accessory. Looks to be too valuable to chop down to size. Guess I’ll pass them onto a Toyota guy.

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