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Jordan’s 1964 Tux Park CJ-5: “The GoGo Gadget Jeep”

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Jordan offered to share some pics of his uniquely modified CJ-5. It’s a pretty cool jeep with lots of details. It looks like it was a serious jeep for off road exploration. Here’s Jordan’s story:

I call it the GoGo Gadget Jeep. I bought this CJ-5 about 7 years ago in the foothills between Sacramento and Tahoe. The guy I bought it from had not had it very long and had not done much with it. He bought it from the estate of the guy who built it. It probably sat around since the early ’90’s when the guy died or just stopped driving it.

Apparently the original owner did search and rescue work with it in the Sierras. I have taken some stuff off that I did not want, a rack over the rear bumper, 9 horns, a single side band radio, a winch fairlead that folded down (probably built to pull rigs up cliffs), and a few other things.

The wiring is still a mess, but I am driving it around the Estacada, Oregon, area. It came with a brand new in the box full top (white), the bikini top in the pice, a worn out full top, some extra motor parts (Buick 225), a second set of tires that are in some of the pictures-I had to get new rims because I got 5 tires, but 3 rims of one type and 3 of another), and a few other odds and ends.

The extra set of tires are Goodyear Wrangler Mud Grips. I have only found one picture of them online, and no info.

It runs great with about 40,000 miles, overdrive, PTO Winch, turning brakes (those are the tall levers between the seats). The levers between the seats are the turning brakes, then the PTO engagement lever, then the overdrive lever, and then the shifter. The transfer case shift or is down below the dash.

I wish I would have met the guy that built it. It seems he was an aerospace engineer, based on some of the stickers on it. It may be that someone on your site will recognize the jeep. I would love to hear from them if so. I imagine that it was well known when it was running around the Sierras way back when.





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cj5-jordan-california009 cj5-jordan-california007 cj5-jordan-california008
cj5-jordan-california01 cj5-jordan-california00 cj5-jordan-california02 cj5-jordan-california04

cj5-jordan-california07 cj5-jordan-california08

Mud Grip Tires:







8 Comments on “Jordan’s 1964 Tux Park CJ-5: “The GoGo Gadget Jeep”

  1. SteveK

    It’s nice to see readers’ rides instead of just “for sale”, and to see all of the variations of “creativity” and “personalization”, and examples of after-market products available too. I think I spotted a space missed for a decal. Possibly a “racer”? It must be well “lubricated” considering all of the sponsored stickers. I wonder what “load” required the extra helper springs, and quad shocks with coils? It seems ready to take on anythinf any where. Thanks for sharing. I hope the PO sees it and responds.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Steve: I haven’t gotten too many readers jeeps recently. Most folks are posting that stuff to Facebook.

    Mike: It was forsaken long ago in favor of stickers and gadgets!

    Jay: This is one jeep I definitely want to jump into and figure out just what everything does!

  3. Chad

    Is it possible the mud grip tires could be retreads on Goodyear carcasses? The seemingly simple tread pattern and the wide, flat band on the sidewall between the lettering and tread could be tell-tale signs.

  4. Jordan Gold

    Hi Chad-I don’t think so. The tires say Goodyear Wrangler Mud Grip on the side walls. Seems OEM to me. Also, I have seen a picture of these tires online, but have not found any information on them. I will take another look, but they do not look like re-treads to me.


  5. Chad

    Jordan, I found a photo of tires with that exact tread on a “Vintage Tire Tread Thread” on the The CJ2A Page (it may be the same photo you saw). The description was “1982 vintage Goodyear Wrangler Mud Grip 7.50-16.”

  6. Jordan Gold

    Hi Chad-Yes, my tires are the same as the ones you found on the CJ2A page. They seem to be from the early 80’s as well. Sure wish I could find some info from Goodyear on them…..


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