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1952 M-38 Lebec, CA $15,950


For a “showroom condition” jeep, this could use better pics.

“completely Restored showroom condition cost over 25k”

1952-m38-lebec-ca0 1952-m38-lebec-ca4 1952-m38-lebec-ca3 1952-m38-lebec-ca2 1952-m38-lebec-ca1


2 Comments on “1952 M-38 Lebec, CA $15,950

  1. JW

    Kurt, that’s my idea of a restoration. That is not what the internet considers a restoration. The trouble is most folks don’t know what an original M38, or any early Jeep, should look like. So, to them shiny and new = restoration. This “M38” is shiny, but not what I would call restored.

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