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No Updates Friday


No updates today.

Thanks for everyone’s suggestions on the Allen bolts. I greatly appreciate them.

I made progress on the shop and garage-gym yesterday, and entertained Ann’s family. There may not be any Saturday morning either, as I need to mow, fix a few sprinklers, then drive Ann to Walla Walla this afternoon for dental surgery, the other guests arrive tonight.

Temps have been adjusted upward. High will now be 116 degrees.


3 Comments on “No Updates Friday

  1. Mark J

    Carry on Dave. Stay cool and bring water and or a cooler on the trip incase you get stuck along the way. Hot stuff! looking at over 90 way up here in Maine on Monday ! I have to say. I am jealous of that awesome garage ! Good luck w those wheel spacers.

  2. colin peabody

    Are you sure you live in Washington and not Arizona? Those are our kinds of temps! Saw where Portland was to be 113 today.

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