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Ewillys is on Hiatus


I am sorry to report that, until further notice, ewillys is on hiatus. I will provide an update in the next few days when I learn more about my health situation.

Thanks for your support, interactions, corrections, and, in many cases, friendship. It has been a most interesting journey.



64 Comments on “Ewillys is on Hiatus

  1. Fred from Paris

    Dear Dave,
    I wish you my best transatlantic recovery wishes.
    We will patiently await your return and news from Ewillys.

  2. Illinois Larry

    Dave, take as much time as you need. Thanks for all you do, to help us enjoy and maintain our Willys. PRAYERS for a fast and complete recovery.

  3. Wade Hall

    We your fanatical fans wish you nothing but good thoughts, prayers and some divine intervention. Thank you so much for all your hard work for years now. You have made the Willy community really accessible to so many. I referred it to people a thousand times. We wish you the best.

    Please take care

  4. SNAFU


    You have been a part of my mornings for the last 10 years, and have helped me find a passion for Willys Jeeps. Good luck, and godspeed to your health.

    from Warden, WA.

  5. Jim Terrell

    Best wishes Dave. The time and love you’ve poured into this for so long is deeply appreciated.
    I’m on the damp side of the mountains but we’re practically neighbors. Please let me know if there’s something I can do for you.
    Kind regards,

  6. Vincent Russo

    Prayers coming your way Dave, time to flood heaven with a get well request for you.

  7. Steve

    Dave, I’m probably one of thousands of vintage Jeep folks that reads eWillys regularly, but never interacts. You’ve provided us with interesting and entertaining stuff for a long time. You have my prayers for your speedy recovery.


  8. Troy Srock

    I log on to eWillys daily if not more . I am sorry to hear the One who makes it all work isn’t well,
    Hoping and praying your back to 110 percent soon.
    Best wishes from Minnesota.

  9. Brian

    We Willys fans are all pulling for you Dave! I’m really sorry to hear of your illness and wish you and your family the best for your return to good health. I’ve been reading your posts everyday for several years, often research topics from prior posts, found two current rigs and some needed parts through your site, and learned about suppliers too. Your work is really appreciated by all of us Willys folks. Hope you are out of the shop and back on the trail soon!

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