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Another 1959 Report on the Centennial Cavalcade

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This report on the 1959 Jeep Cavalcade was published in Grand Junction’s The Daily Sentinel, August 25, 1959.

1959-08-25-the-daily-sentinel-jeep-cavalcade-colorado0-lores 1959-08-25-the-daily-sentinel-jeep-cavalcade-colorado1-lores 1959-08-25-the-daily-sentinel-jeep-cavalcade-colorado2-lores 1959-08-25-the-daily-sentinel-jeep-cavalcade-colorado3-lores


1959-08-25-the-daily-sentinel-jeep-cavalcade-colorado5-lores 1959-08-25-the-daily-sentinel-jeep-cavalcade-colorado6-lores 1959-08-25-the-daily-sentinel-jeep-cavalcade-colorado7-lores


3 Comments on “Another 1959 Report on the Centennial Cavalcade

  1. Craig Brockhaus

    It’s hard to imagine heading over these trails and passes when the newest Jeep on the road was a 1959 model. Oh those were the days. Glad to see not too many changes in the past 62 years. Hope it stays that way for many years in the future…

  2. wills st claire

    excuse me , but a willys overland ” go devil ” engine was rated at 63 hp , AT SEA LEVEL !! , the elevation at black bear pass is 12,840 !! the horsepower available there would be less than 20 — clouds of carbon blowing out the back of the vehicle , champion j-8 plugs black with soot — you may have well been riding a horse ? it would be faster …

  3. Craig Brockhaus

    Those San Juan mountain men had a way with them old Jeeps way up high. They were the mainstay there back then and still can hold their own. It’s not about how fast. It’s about taking it all in. When I’m out there you pretty much are in low range the whole time.

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