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1946? Sedan Delivery Stevens, PA $1500

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Steve shared this early Sedan Delivery project.

“The Willys has a complete body but no engine. Have other Willys parts for sale too.”

1946-sedan-delivery-lancaster-pa1 1946-sedan-delivery-lancaster-pa2 1946-sedan-delivery-lancaster-pa3 1946-sedan-delivery-lancaster-pa4


3 Comments on “1946? Sedan Delivery Stevens, PA $1500

  1. the bee keeper

    excuse me , but this sedan delivery is a 1949 or early 1950 , it has the ashtray right below the windshield , wiper control knob below it — a 1946 would be opposite — working on one of my willys today i was stung by a yellowjacket , the rotten insects had built a nest inside my 58 stakebody — i sprayed them with windex , they seemed to like it , then bug repellant with deet , they dont like that , then a flyswatter dispatched a few , my thumb is swollen .. i need to get some wasp spray or find my propane torch ..

  2. colin peabody

    I believe the 1946-47 463 station wagons, panel deliveries and pickup trucks had the ashtray mounted at the base of the windshield with the windshield wiper knob located below that and above the instrument cluster. By 1948-49, the ashtray had been relocated to above the instrument cluster with the windshield wiper knob placed on the top of the dashboard behind the windshield trim piece, at least according to my 1948-49 wagon parts book.

    Also, WD-40 is an excellent bee and wasp repellent

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