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Year? DJ-5 Airport-Baggage Jeep Spokane, WA $650


UPDATE: Colin pointed out that this is likely a DJ-5 and not a CJ-5. Besides the points he makes in the comment, you can just make up the passenger rear rim which only has four lug nuts.

Blaine spotted this rare airport-baggage-modified DJ-5 for sale.

“For sale is a jeep was told it was an old military jeep not sure on what year it is was told it was a 46 But couldn’t find the year in the trim tags no title could with a bill of sale asking 650”


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3 Comments on “Year? DJ-5 Airport-Baggage Jeep Spokane, WA $650

  1. Colin and Lillian Peabody

    I suspect this is a 2WD 1965-66 DJ5 Airport baggage conveyor Jeep. Model #8505 is the designator for the DJ5 Jeeps. No transfer case levers, and front hubs appear to be the 2WD version. wonder how many of them were built. Special body modifications done to accommodate the conveyor, seen the same on the earlier DJ3A and CJ3B models.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    Good point on the DJ. I didn’t look at it close enough to consider that.

    – Dave

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