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Sears Aluminum Hardtop Tyngsboro, MA $300


UPDATE: Sale Pending.

Glenn spotted this top for sale, most likely sold by Sears and made by Meyers. Hopefully, someone can use it.

“Nice aluminum top with doors, door mounting pieces and windshield header. It’s in nice shape, not beat up. This will fit a Willys CJ2A, CJ3A, WWII Willys MB or Ford GPW. Hard to find in this shape. Looks to be a Sears tops based on photos I could find.”

sears-top-tyngsboro-ma1 sears-top-tyngsboro-ma2 sears-top-tyngsboro-ma3 sears-top-tyngsboro-ma4


8 Comments on “Sears Aluminum Hardtop Tyngsboro, MA $300

  1. Mike

    I’ve always wondered what is the purpose of those angled metal pieces at the rear of each side window? I could never figure that out.

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