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Quick Update

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We’ve been extra busy here tending to Ann’s mom. She’s in home hospice and is bed ridden, so Ann and I are trading off evening shifts, with some help from family members during the day. She’s somewhat lucid, better during the day and worse at night and in the morning. We don’t know if she has a day or a week to live, but she doesn’t appear to have long. She’s kept us fairly busy throughout  most of the pandemic (since about Nov 2019). Hopefully, she passes soon in her sleep. This is part of the reason eWillys continues to be on hiatus.


10 Comments on “Quick Update

  1. Chad

    I will pray for you, Ann, and her mother. Prayers for strength, patience, peace, and understanding for you and Ann, and prayers for comfort and peace for her mother. I’m sure it has been exhausting, and I hope you both can get some rest soon.

  2. Bill Garland

    Dave, I am very sorry for the sadness that both you and Ann are dealing with at this time and know all too well what the effects can be on the family and care givers. I just lost my wife last week and had to contact hospice for their assistance. Hospice was wonderful to her and spared me for a short time. I can’t say enough about those wonderful people and the kindness and caring they offer. My prayers and thoughts are with you, Ann and her mother. Bill Garland. Carlisle, Pa.

  3. Tom Heidinger

    Dave I am very sorry for your troubles, I will keep you in my prayers. Ann’s mom is blessed to have the care that you and Ann can provide. I will pray for your strength and Ann’s mom’s comfort. Thanks for all you do.

  4. Dave

    Good luck to you and the family, Dave. Been there. It’s taxing to say the least. It’s a wonderful thing to do for someone…….to be able to care for them at home. Not everyone can do it. I’m fortunate that my family could and I feel proud that we did it for both of our parents. Again, good luck.

  5. Tom in Paris

    I’d like to echo the prayers and best wishes for Ann and Dave, as well as her mother. That’s a hard thing to go through for everyone involved. Also, more best wishes to Bill Garland. Having been there myself, I know how quiet it gets in your house after losing a spouse. I hope Bill has good support also.

  6. John North Willys

    been there , done this , veteran willys mechanic ( me ) turned into hospice care person – twice – its tough , but there is no alternative – its the only christian thing to do — do it happily — they would do it for you ..

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