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Willys-Overland Ads in Collier’s Magazine 1941-1946

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UPDATE: This ad shows one of those odd instances when an ad appears in Collier’s that I have yet to find in the Saturday Evening Post. This happened a few times during the 1940s. Here’s a color version fo the ad, published May 04, 1946 (note that the ad continues the ‘Get a Jeep’ Campaign):



Originally Published 03/10/2019: I spent some time searching for and assembling these Collier ads into two directory graphics, similar to the Saturday Evening Post graphics (updated in the post below). Unfortunately, the only archive I could find scanned them in black and white. And, the archive was missing some issues, so I suspect there were a few more published than shown below. Still, there are some differences between the ads, sometimes as small as changes in a few words of text, make these images useful for research.




5 Comments on “Willys-Overland Ads in Collier’s Magazine 1941-1946

  1. Barry

    It is interesting to see the ads side-by-side and watch the transition from war to peace. The June 3, 1944 ad has the Jeep on the farm, a full year before German surrender.

    Thanks for putting this and Saturday Evening Post ads online. Very useful for research.

  2. Keith

    It’s been many years since I stopped collecting WWII Jeep ads.
    I didn’t stop because I lost interest, I stopped because I thought I had them all.
    About the time famed Jeep Author Fred Coldwell published his book “Selling the All American Wonder”, I started making a chart showing what months/weeks/edition each ad was placed in each publication.
    Colliers, Country Gentleman, Life, etc.

    It was interesting to note that Sessions painted most of the Military themed ads, but Howard painted the ones featuring civilian AgriJeeps.

    Most of the Sessions and Howard watercolors still exist in Private hands.

  3. David Eilers Post author


    That’s a detail (Sessions vs Howard) that I didn’t know. I’m still rounding out my brochure collection, but I decided several years ago that documenting the ads online was enough for me. Trying to store all the ads, especially the large earlier ads, was filling up space on my bookshelves that I wanted for other items. Though I’ve tagged most of the Colliers and Sat Eve Post ads, and some of the Life ads, some of the others I’ve been less successful getting a full list of dates. I’d still like to do a deeper dive into the Time Magazine ads, as it seems to me that there are multiple W-O ads unique to Time (or that’s my sense anyway).

  4. Keith

    Well, something to put on the Calendar, I was wrong AGAIN,

    I just looked at 3 Farm Jeep ads, and 2 of them were painted by Sessions, and Jeepotentialities was painted by Benton Clark. Howard painted the MB in other uses series.

  5. David Eilers Post author


    Lol, unfortunately my calendar is quite full of “wrong” dates. Ann’s never shy about adding them to the calendar! 🙂

    – Dave

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