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1956 Jeep Family **Imitation** Poster

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UPDATE: It’s no longer on ebay.

Well, some idiot (perhaps too kind of a word) has copied a version of the 1956 Jeep Family poster that I re-created (see also a comparison between the original brochure and the poster), reduced the size from 22″x28″ to 12″x15″, mounted it in a cheap frame, and is selling it for $49 plus $17 shipping on eBay. Whether the seller did all of that work or just bought a reproduction of my poster isn’t clear….

Worse, they are suggesting the “vintage” poster is from the 1950s (the content is, the poster isn’t), though the description also indicates it is “new”. BTW, the original size of the brochure was 18″ x 24″.

There are multiple differences between the original 1956 brochure and the poster I created, the most important of which is that I inserted a small, subtle “eWillys” into the poster so I could track it. There are a few other differences as well.

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14 Comments on “1956 Jeep Family **Imitation** Poster

  1. Jim

    You should contact ebay and tell them it’s “not as advertised”(counterfeit) and explain the facts. They’ll remove it, usually. Just hit that “report item” button and let him have it!

  2. Dan B.

    Hee hee – John Willys. You caught me. I thought we Humboldt guys had to stick together… West Virginia is a long way from the Redwood Curtain.

  3. William Correll

    I went to Ebay and reported as counterfeit ,If all Ewillys readers did the same they might pull it.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks Bill. I was looking for some way to report it, but didn’t locate the link.

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