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1956 Willys Export Wagon Brochure

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I snagged one of these 1956 Willys Export Wagon Brochures Form W-253-6X from eBay.

1956-form-w-253-6x-export-wagon-brochure6-lores 1956-form-w-253-6x-export-wagon-brochure5-lores 1956-form-w-253-6x-export-wagon-brochure4-lores

1956-form-w-253-6x-export-wagon-brochure2-lores 1956-form-w-253-6x-export-wagon-brochure3-lores


4 Comments on “1956 Willys Export Wagon Brochure

  1. Mike

    I always liked the wagons, this brochure is very colorful, attractive in it’s use of pastel colors, almost looks like a water color painting.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    I agree Mike. This was part of a series of four export brochures for (1) CJ-5s, (2) Trucks, (3) Wagons, and (4) FCs. I will add them to a single post at some point.

    – Dave

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