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1942 MB w/ Trailer Flower Mound, TX $37,500


Matt’s selling his restored MB and trailer with a sleeping unit. If interested, contact him through Facebook or email him at mattybru @ (remove spaces around the @).

“42 Willy’s MB that has been fully restored, and well kept. Jeep sold along with a Bantam trailer that has been set up for tent camping. Tent has room for 5.”

1942-mb-flowermound-tx1 1942-mb-flowermound-tx2 1942-mb-flowermound-tx3 1942-mb-flowermound-tx4 1942-mb-flowermound-tx5


2 Comments on “1942 MB w/ Trailer Flower Mound, TX $37,500

  1. Konwakiton

    bantam ww2 military trailer with a tailgate cut into it — now it wont float during a water-crossing ? — these had a drain like a bathtub — my 1946 civilian bantam trailer with the stock tailgate has the drain welded shut from the factory — not needed — that side-mount spare was not stock — the ww2 trailers had drum parking brakes , civilian , no — ww2 trailer had shocks , civilian , no — the early 46 civilian trailers were ww2 military bodys modified with tailgate , rear side supports , still had ww2 16″ combat rims …

  2. Craig in ME

    Nice looking jeep…as a runner, but not restored. Too many non-original stuff for that amount of money…i.e. Solex carb, late war steering wheel with no horn button, wrong ignition and light switch (late war), incorrect shaped grab handles. Probably wrong tranny too since there is a ‘hump’ built around shifter with wrong curve. Hood blocks not early rubber type…ignition wires modern style…etc.

    If priced accordingly, I wouldn’t mention these inaccuracies, but that amount would get you a correctly restored jeep.

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