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1973 CJ-5 Racer Crescent City, OR $12,500


Blaine spotted this built racer used during the 1980s.

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“Selling for a friend, jeep is located in Crescent City.

Built for and raced in 1982&1983 “mint 400 in Las Vegas, Nevada and the 1984 Pro Can-Am series in Southern Oregon.
AMC 304 V8 engine:
Engine was professionally built in Phoenix Oregon. Engine has been balanced, blueprinted, line honed, decked, slabbed, ported, and polished. Bored 10 over. TRW flat top pistons have been fly cut for the proper valve relief. Heads are the highly sought after and coveted pre smog 3196291C small chamber with the dog leg ports. Original factory heads were 58.92 cc with 1.625/2.025 valves. These heads have been professionally reworked per the American Motors “Performance American Style” guide to high performancing AMC engines (original AMC book included). Heads are the 291C 50.60 cc with balanced chambers. Original factory compression ratio was about 7.2:1 Flat top pistons and the small chamber heads now put this engine slightly over 10.4:1. Rods were all balanced and shot peened.Cam is a 274 duration .500 lift hydraulic

1973-cj5-racer-crescentcity-or6 1973-cj5-racer-crescentcity-or7 1973-cj5-racer-crescentcity-or8 1973-cj5-racer-crescentcity-or9

“Camonics Crankshaft Co” AMC V8 Grind#3179-
A good to 7200 rpm. Original cam sheet is included. Lifters are 1.6 ratio. Precision cam timing is maintained by a “Cloyes” roller chain and steel timing gears. Valves are TRW chrome plated swirl polished Chevy 1.625/2.02 with professionally installed stem guides and lapped to the Stellite seats that are installed in the heads. Pontiac guide plates keep the much larger chrome moly pushrods (5/16″) in place. Springs are Crane 99858 (inner) and 99836(outer) with Titanium retainers and steel keepers. Rocker arms are Fully adjustable aluminum needle bearing rollers with a1.6/1 ratio on 7/16″ screw studs.
Engine as an external oil cooler, dual spin on oil filters as well as Milidon deep (extra capacity) oil pan.
Distributor is a Mallory dual point with a Mallory coil.
Carburetor is a Holly 600 cfm with metering plates (which allow for jet replacement) as well as off road bowls. Engine is mounted to a custom-made frame that extends from frame to frame. This prevents the frame from spreading on impact. Fuel is supplied from a Don Allen fuel cell, which need to be replaced, by either another fuel cell or a stock CJ5 gas tank. fuel is in-line filtered and delivered via a Holly electric fuel pump as well as the stock AMC fuel pump. Lines are single braid high pressure hydraulic hoses with Eastman fittings.
Roll cage is .180 gusseted 4130 Chrome Moly which is tied down to the frame in 6 places with replaceable hard rubber bushings and grade 8 bolts. Engine roll cage is also .180 4130 Chrome Moly and is also easily removed, as is the engine simply by pulling the 2 grade 8 bolts from the custom made engine motor mount and unbolting from the firewall.
The 3 speed T15A manual transmission is linked to the engine with a hydroformed “Lakewood” all steel bellhousing that also acts as a scatter shield. Clutch and pressure plate is a McLeod 10 1/2-11″. Transfer case is a stock Dana 20. Rear drive line has its own safety cage.
Rear end is a Dana 44 with 411 gears. Rear end has been slightly rotated up to provide a straighter line for the drive line which puts less angle on the U joints. Rear end has also been gusseted and reinforced with a 3/4″ stress proof steel rod from spring pad to spring pad. Rear tapered cone wheel bearings were replaced with flat roller bearings which keep the axels from being forced outward from the rear end on impact. The leaf springs were custom made by the E&C Spring Company in Ceres California from pre 1964 steel truck springs. There are 3 shock absorber mounts available for the springs at each corner for a total of 12 mounts.
Front end has been reinforced as a “double tube” front end with gussets and a 3/4″ stress proof steel rod custom fitted from yolk to yolk. Double tube front end was custom manufactured by inserting a second tube inside the factory tubes and welding into place at numerous spots as well as the housing and the axel yolk. Front axel spindles are “Summer Bros Racing” spindles. Front end gear ratio is also 411. Completing the front end is “Warn” manual locking hubs. Frame has been fully boxed.
Tires are B.F. Goodrich all terrain T/A radials 12R15LT M/S mounted on 15″ American Racing Aluminum 7×15″ rims (rear) and 6.5 x15 rims on the front. Jeep comes with 6 tires and rims plus 2 spare rims.
Headlights are Ciebe off road quartz halogen backed up by 4 KC Daylighter 100 watt off road lights. Driver and co-driver “Bell” Professional full face helmets are included with a factory installed “Parker Pumper” filtered and forced fresh air system.
Numerous parts are included , filters, bearings, seals, drive lines, a spare front axle, original spindles, gasket sets, extra McLeod clutch disc, spare transmission shifter cover, 4 new Gabriel Adjustable shocks are included, etc.
The Jeep has been in a garage storage for 20+ years. It was just pulled out and started with a new battery and starter (included).
Vehicle will need the following:
All fluid levels checked and/or drained and replaced. (brakes, fuel lines,etc.)
Fuel cell replaced or stock factory tank installed.
Carburetor ( Holly Double Pumper) should be rebuilt.
Front drive line rewelded or replaced with a provided spare.
The 110 amp alternator checked for output.
Radiator re-cored or repaired (pin hole from storage). This radiator is copper cored with metal caps and can be repaired.”


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