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Updates for the Holidays (or lack thereof)….


Out of the frying pan and into the fire…..

Unfortunately, having helped my mother-in-law through hospice in September, we won’t get much of a break as now my mother’s health has declined to the point that we have to make other arrangements for her. So, we’ll be doing regular runs over to Seattle to give my aunt a break from the daily care of her, while, also readying her new apartment and clearing the house as best we can.

Meanwhile, against our recommendations, and knowing mom’s health was in decline, my sister chose to put her house on the market in September. She just closed on her house this week and is moving to Texas, abandoning our mother after my mother supported her horse hobby (profession?) for more than 25 years so she can “make a name for herself”. Mom is devastated by my sister’s decision. She is currently in OKC attending a horseshow, because somehow that is more important than caring for mom. Needless to say, there has been quite a bit of family drama….. ughhh.

So, once again, updates may be somewhat become sparse, likely lasting into the New Year.`


11 Comments on “Updates for the Holidays (or lack thereof)….

  1. rick belanger

    it is what it is we appreciate all that you and ann do thank you good luck and happy thanksgiving

  2. Konwakiton

    you think you have problems ? a ground squirrel just bull-rushed me down by my mailbox – why ? – they seem to get excited when i walk or drive my jeeps near their underground dens — or maybe its because ( 2 ) GOLDEN EAGLES attacked and killed this ground squirrels buddy a few days ago ? — but why did the eagles leave the body ?? — didnt eat it ? — odd — i gave the poor squirrel a decent burial –> DOWN A BADGERS HOLE !! –> BON APETIT MR BADGER !! — HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!

  3. Dan B.

    Dang, Dave. We each gotta play the cards we are dealt, but sometimes one just wants to get up and walk away.

  4. CraigInPA

    My family’s July and August got completely consumed when my wife’s 82 year old father decided to sell the “family homestead”. The homestead consisted of a 6000 sqft main building with 2000 sqft of store, 1000 sqft of storage, and 3000 sqft of 6 bedroom living quarters on the second floor, plus a separate 4 bedroom 3000 sqft house. The homestead had been purchased by his grandfather in 1905 (meaning 5 generations have lived there). Every subsequent person who lived in the house seeming left whatever possessions and furniture they decided they didn’t need, and the next person to live there would put them aside in an unused space. When he decided to sell, he was using the living room, kitchen, and a back room in one building; the rest was FULL. This was not a hoarders mess; the houses included Victorian antiques, Art-Deco antiques, mid-century modern furniture, vintage clothing, a room of Lionel trains, two attics filled with vintage toys, thousands of photographs, thousands of radio tubes, 500+ records, many sets of china, advertising items from the 1930’s and 1940’s, and LOTS of coal dust (because he heated with coal). He signed an agreement of sale to sell both properties to one person with a 60 day closing period, never considering how much stuff was there. I lost 2 car storage spots in the garage to furniture my wife wanted, and another to trains I wanted. We gave away hundreds of pieces of furniture, store fixtures, and enough kitchen stuff to outfit 5 or 6 families. Every weekend was a zoo, as my wife advertised what was available for free that week on facebook (not a route I’d take again; lots of no-shows and flakes). In the end, we made it, but, as I said, it took the best part of the summer.

    So, I don’t envy where you are at with your mother’s house.

  5. Trevor W. Smith

    Dave, Family Drama is the worst. Wishing you a good Thanksgiving despite Father Time’s tribulations. I am thankful for what you put together here on eWillys. It has been my “Go too” morning coffee website for the last couple years. God Bless.

  6. Blaine

    An idea for others that may face this in the future. There are estate sale businesses that will sort through things and market them for you. Of course they take a percentage but remember, Craig gave away a lot of stuff for free. And yes, you get to choose what treasures you want to keep. Craig’s short time frame made it hard though. I didn’t use to know about this avenue of “disbursement” but now I frequent estate sales to collect things for my kids to get rid of later.
    Another life lesson learned on “eWillys”. Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. JohnfromSC

    There are no times that show the real character of people than when a loved one can no longer care for oneself; and when a loved one with an estate dies without spelling out exactly which heirs get what. In the case of the former, it is about who stays versus who flees. In the latter case it is about those display greed and disregard for the value of any relationships versus those who value kindness.

    Dave and Ann, you are salt of the earth.

  8. Bingo

    I best get my licks in b4 the spambot assassin. My lame attempts @ humor are considered hostile sometimes. & robots are still made with nuts & bolts & I’m a bit of a nut. Sorry for your troubles Dave. I can relate, after settling my parent’s estate.
    I think there’s a reason the term, ‘Drama Queen’ is common. I’ve yet to hear of a drama king! Horse’s ass is common too!

  9. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks Guys and Happy Thanksgiving!

    Bingo: Just keep plugging away. Don’t give up on the humor. Maybe you can help train those bots properly!!

    John, Rick & Trevor: Thanks for the kind words!

    Blaine: Thanks for the idea. We’ve move quite a bit of stuff and have been stuff over here during the last few months. Thankfully, we have the space now to hold stuff. We’ll likely sell some in the spring. Most of the valuables have been removed, so now it’s the bulky stuff that isn’t worth much, such as, for example, a rusted coal car from my grandfather’s mine (is it worth bringing here? Probably not).

    Craig: So sorry to hear that! Thankfully, we don’t need to sell mom’s house right away, so the stuff can sit there for as long as it needs to sit. We’ve moved most of the useful/valuable stuff. But, there’s plenty more head scratching stuff that we will likely put on Craigslist/FB in the hopes that someone will take it.

    Dan: indeed. Of course, I was just starting to work on expanding the racer so that I can fit into it better. I think I will be racing a walker before I get the racing jeep ready!

  10. Barney Goodwin

    I suppose I would have been very naïve to believe that this family drama was limited to hillbilly Southern Ohio where it is the norm and not the exception. And I am sorry to hear you going through it.
    I echo the many who appreciate ewillys and the work you pour into it.

  11. Marty Tilford

    You have to keep the coal car. It was one of the pieces that got you to write your book. And its a piece of your family history.

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