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F-134 Block Heater Laurel Springs, NJ $45


Steve spotted this unusual item. I am unfamiliar with the block heaters. Is this a general item for a variety of engines (jeep and non jeep) or specific to the F-134s?

“Block heater that came out of a 1961 Willys CJ5 with the F134 Hurricane engine.”



2 Comments on “F-134 Block Heater Laurel Springs, NJ $45

  1. Alaska Paul

    This is an electric heater that’s spliced into the cooling system of any vehicle operated in very cold weather. An extension cord is plugged into an electrical outlet and the other end is connected to the 3 prong plug to provide power to heat the element in the cooling system to keep the engine reasonably warm (compared to the ambient temperature) while parked. Years ago it was common to see cars and trucks going down the road trailing a 25 or 50 foot extension cord when the drivers forgot to disconnect them from the electrical outlet before driving away. I’d bet most of the auto parts stores still sell these engine heaters for less than 25 dollars.

  2. Barney Goodwin

    We have at least a couple NOS AMC Jeep block heaters in our inventory. They install in a freeze plug location.
    Bought a new 78 Pontiac Bonneville and installed an inline heater in the lower radiator hose. Worked great!
    These things were especially helpful in the days of the carbureted vehicles.

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