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1953 Truck + Parts Truck Aptos, CA $4300

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Seems worth a look. (Hard to believe it’s been 15 years since I lived in Aptos!)

1953-trucks-lodi-ca1 1953-trucks-lodi-ca2

“Two trucks, one for parts and other almost road ready. Over $2,000 into parts and repairs on main truck. Was used as a farm truck, runs on propane. Needs to swap cabs with parts truck, has windows, extra transfer cases and transmission, heater, wheels, and other various parts. 4×4 w/granny gear, 16″ wheels, new front shocks, hoses, spark plugs and wires, distributor cap, electrical, ignition, new bed post bases. Needs work on carb and propane exchange and completion of lights to be road ready. Temporary DMV registration. Come check these classics out before they’re gone.”


2 Comments on “1953 Truck + Parts Truck Aptos, CA $4300

  1. Craig in ME

    ‘Check out these classics before they’re gone’…? Ummmm, isn’t that the purpose of listing these…duh! Guess he’s hoping for a bunch of people to stop buy and offer MORE money for them. He sounds like a carnival barker….. “Step right up folks, see the amazing Willys Pick-up trucks as they sit in their own rust and parts…just 43 hundred dollars, and they can be yours! Step right up folks!”

  2. neal jung

    i’ve seen these before , the flatbed is not an original willys flatbed , the bed is too long . my brother is in aptos , i told him about these a few days ago . i have 2 willys stakebody trucks so i can spot a fake a mile away . the stakebodies also had a specific serial number from 1950 up .

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