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Year? DJ-3A Newport, OR $4500


Listed as a 1953, this looks to have a body and windshield of a convertible DJ-3A. The manifold suggests this is a DJ-3A engine, too. So, this is likely a DJ-3A converted to 4WD. Notes the use of the rectangular gauge cluster.

year-dj3a-or2 year-dj3a-or3



“For sale is a vintage 1953 4WD Willy’s Jeep believed to be a Model CJ2 or CJ2A; not that familiar with teeps so if it looks like another Model, please let me know. This unit has all original 4 cylinder flathead engine, 4 speed stick transmission and running gear but the original body was dented and rough so the previous owner had a straight aftermarket replacement “Boot installed, it has a new carburetor and 12V battery and runs fine; would be ideal for hunting or camping; it needs fuld down windshield glas and head lamps; tires are in average condition. Selling because I am 6′ 3″ and cannot fit behind the steering wheel; I did not realize when I bought it that the driver’s seat does not adjust backwards because of the wheel well so there is no way I could comfortably drive it any distance Purchased from a Kabota Dealership in Medford, OR but haven’t been able to find the Pink Slip; selling with Bill of Sale only if Certificate of Ownership cannot be located at time of sale Asking $4,500 OBO – possible trade for Wildland Tanker/Tender or related Fire Equipment.
Located in Newport, OR , 97365”


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