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M-38A1 Body PA No Price


Jim’s selling this M-38A1 body. Note that the first M-38A1 was produced in 1952.


“I have decided to buy a new Philippine made reproduction body for my U.S.M.C. Military Jeep Project.

So I am selling my Original U.S. made Willys M38A1 or Cj5 Military/ U.S.M.C Jeep body tub as used by the United States Military from 1955 until 1982.

These Jeeps bodies are getting very hard to come by and becoming very collectible, they go for a nice chunk of change when finished.

I am including the flooring patch panels and hat support that I bought intending to fix this tub floor.

Also included are both front fenders, the hood, a M38A1 grill and a M38A1 dashboard all steel parts.

I am also including a steel hardtop and doors made by KOENIG Co. Model 508 use by the military for colder weather aka ( ARTIC CAB ).

All parts for a 1955 – 1972 Military M38A1 or Cj5 body restoration.

Will sell parts separately.
Price is negotiable.
May have other part available.
Will post photos soon.”


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