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1951 Truck Forest Service-themed Sells for $28,500 at Auction

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Bill pointed out the sale of this truck that was Forest Service-themed. It sold for the crazy auction price of $28,500.

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“Now finished as a tribute to the U.S. Forest Service, this 1951 Willys pickup is described as a “longtime farm truck,” owned by one family for its first 70 years, that “underwent considerable mechanical and cosmetic refurbishment to prepare it for sale.” Besides new paint and a bed liner, the Willys is said to have received renewed interior electricals, heater refurbishment, and steering work. According to the selling dealer, the finish is about three months old, and any needed rust repair was completed. Because of its previous farm service, the Willys is also equipped with a power takeoff for running implements.”


8 Comments on “1951 Truck Forest Service-themed Sells for $28,500 at Auction

  1. John North Willys

    wouldnt it be illegal to drive this ? — this is not a forest service truck ? — somebody on ebay was selling north face forest service jackets and i reported them , probably stolen — this is another failed restoration , why is the battery on top of the exhaust manifold ? thats bizarre ? — bucket seats ? — incorrect front parking light — coil on firewall ? — incorrect bumper on rear — no vacuum wiper motor — $28.5 ?? — in my book , incorrect restoration aint worth a dime …

  2. David Eilers Post author


    Is it illegal to drive? I would guess it wouldn’t be, unless the driver pretended to imitate a forestry worker.

    I expect the buyer does’t know much about Jeep trucks, as I don’t know anyone who would pay that crazy price for a $7k truck with forestry stickers.

  3. Mike

    INSANE, and these crazy high prices is what’s driving the market these days, buyers with money, but no brains.

  4. Allan J. Knepper

    Wow……my 1953 CJ3B is an actual Oregon Forestry vehicle….at these prices, I am going to give it a great big hug next time I am in the shed !…….might even give it some better brakes this Spring.

    Looking at the selling price of this truck…..and lots of other stuff lately…..I am reminded of comments by a vintage motorcycle expert after last weeks record Mecum event in Las Vegas …..”people really seem to hate their money (cash) right now” !!

  5. John North Willys

    forest service vehicles are a sore subject with me — last year i missed out on a 1964 willys jeep cj-5 , f-134 , t-98 4 speed , nomenclature plate , WITH A VENTILATING WINDSHIELD !!! — under the puke red color was the OH SO FINE FOREST SERVICE GREEN !!!

  6. Will R.

    Interesting that several of the Jeeps that have had “restoration work” often come with a parking brake block instead of a working parking brake. How many other items were overlooked in the “restoration”!

  7. Mike

    I’d like to emphasize this fact, that at one time decades ago, Hemmings was considered the BIBLE of the old car hobby, not any more, they have sold out to greed and lining their deep pockets. HEMMINGS now panders to special interests, namely the big name auctions. ” You scratch my back, & I’ll scratch yours”.

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