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1942 GPW? Rigby, ID $2000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(10/31/2021) This is in rough shape.

1942-gpw-rigby-id1 1942-gpw-rigby-id2 1942-gpw-rigby-id3 1942-gpw-rigby-id4

“1942 ford GPW. WWII era jeep built by ford for the war effort on the bantam/willy’s design. ( not a bronco obviously) The dash tags are sadly missing. This project needs a new home, original transmission, transfercase, axles and drive lines and rims. The tub and fenders are original, the floor was replaced as well as the seats. (Not original) There was a Chevy 283 put into it that changed the original steering and motor mounts. The firewall was notched back to make room for the V8. Not selling with a motor. The engine bay is currently empty. I was hoping to get a four cylinder back into it. The V8 was too heavy for the suspension. The patina is from the original owner having it stripped of paint. So it is RUST in color. I had it running and driving, lights and brakes are good. The tires are cracking and the motor was pulled. Too many projects and not enough time.”


One comment on “1942 GPW? Rigby, ID $2000

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Now this one’s a candidate SAS jeep: the front grill is already cut up. And who doesn’t like a spare keg?!
    Kind of odd listing it as a “1942 Ford Bronco” but I’d bet that’s because FB Marketplace doesn’t have GPW as a choice under Ford.

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