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2 M-38s Chico, CA $6500


Seller wants to sell these as a package.

2-m38s-chico-ca0 2-m38s-chico-ca1 2-m38s-chico-ca2 2-m38s-chico-ca3 2-m38s-chico-ca4 2-m38s-chico-ca5

“I have two M38 Military M38 that are 1950-1952, theres no way to tell a specific year that I’ve been able to figure out. Neither of them run, the green one is together but has a hole in the oil pan. Its a very solid vehicle. The other has been torn down and all the parts I’ve got are sitting on a pallet. Since these were never intended to be registered for road use they were not given a vin number when new. Most people used the engine number as a serial/vin but neither of these have been previously registered.

The green one has recently been issued a vin number by the CHP and I have the paperwork needed to register. The year on the paperwork is not correct, I believe they marked it down as a 1946. I really want these to go to someone that will fully restore one or both. Located here in Chico, I accept cash ONLY. I am able to deliver these if needed but we will need to discuss the details of that in person. BOTH GO TOGETHER AS A PAIR, NO PARTS WILL BE SOLD OFF OF THEM.”


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