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Customers Stage Demo in Plattsburg, NY

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UPDATE: Here’s one from the archives …

Originally Posted July 24, 2015: This Willys News article from July 1955 highlights an annual customer jeep demonstration in Plattsburg, New York. That’s the biggest teeter-totter that I’ve ever seen. We used to do something similar back in the 70s as part of payday events.

1955-july-aug-willys-news-willys-dealers-testing3 1955-july-aug-willys-news-willys-dealers-testing2 1955-july-aug-willys-news-willys-dealers-testing4

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4 Comments on “Customers Stage Demo in Plattsburg, NY

  1. colin peabody

    Those can be seen on occasion on the fence that separates Mexico from the United States into New Mexico and Arizona. Smugglers use them to transport vehicles full of drugs from Mexico to the USA!

  2. Bob

    They used to do this at the races in Lisbon, Ohio. Guys would hit that thing sideways doing thirty MPH and the teeter totter was always muddy.

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