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1959 Wagon (Maverick?) Port Orange, FL Make Offer

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Isn’t this a Maverick? It lacks the emblem on the cowl that was on some (all?) 1959s.

“This Willy’s is in superb condition Completely original untouched never restored runs and drives excellent mine are paint touch up as needed for maintenance has original muffler on this car see you at the car show at the track I’ll be in the corral entertaining reasonable offers”

1959-wagon-fl6 1959-wagon-fl7 1959-wagon-fl8 1959-wagon-fl9


5 Comments on “1959 Wagon (Maverick?) Port Orange, FL Make Offer

  1. Mike

    In my opinion, I think it was re-painted at one point in time, (color scheme is reversed, white & red) from factory color paint, But I do think this is an early Maverick. I had a 1960 Maverick 2 wheel drive wagon with the same trim one piece windshield, and dead give away, the basket weave trim around the instrument cluster.

  2. Rancho Lizardo

    excuse me , the 1st 100 Mavericks had the cool Kaiser cast airplane ? Rocket ? cast emblem on the cowl trim . I sold one a few years ago for LONG GREEN . I spotted a 1 of 100 Maverick in a wrecking yard in Stockton ? Calif. a few months ago . All the good stuff was gone and it was cut to pieces , so sad ..

  3. David Eilers Post author


    I thought there was something off about this … maybe it was the color flip you mention.

    – Dave

  4. Bill Norris

    The first 100 did come with the Kaiser emblem but they were 1958s. This is a 1959 so it has the same basic chrome without the emblem.

    As for the paint, there were 8 tu tone combinations. 4 color combinations and then the reverse. This could be the correct colors.


  5. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks Bill. Finding accurate wagon info continues to be a challenge (for me anyway).

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