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Anyone Recognize this Seat?

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Dave’s been trying to figure out some wagon seats he has, but he’s got one seat that he can’t identify (he isn’t sure it belongs to a wagon).

He writes, “I do have one seat that I don’t know about.
Thinking it’s a jeep seat as I got with other jeep stuff but that’s no guarantee.
32” wide. Non folding. Some of original brackets cut.
Believe that part of rear bracket is original. Threaded holes into uprights.”

Here are some pics:


Meanwhile, Dave was investigating wagon seat differences in general. Neither of us could locate a good source of information on the differences through the years. However, using some of his wagons, he was able to surmise the following. Can anyone provide additional details on the seat differences or point to a good source??:

Per Dave, “Drivers seats are approximately 32” wide, on sliders. Early wagons did not fold (I only have a ’49 with which to compare). Some slightly later wagons driver seats do fold, but I don’t know when that stopped.

Passenger seat seems fairly consistent all throughout, about 15″ wide, long legs fold and tumble. Intermediate or rear narrow seats also about 15” wide, shorter legs fold and tumble.

Wide rear or intermediate seats as stated in parts book, 25” wide. Early ones were non folding, rear legs stab into floor brackets. Maybe also before mounting change became folding. Later fold and tumble.”



3 Comments on “Anyone Recognize this Seat?

  1. Rancho Lizardo

    The original seat brackets have been cut off and different ones added . The threaded brackets on the back are for the chrome footrest , it was an option on Jeepsters and early Wagons . My 48 Jeep Trucks have a 2/3 seat like this also . No sliders . The Jeepster front 2/3 seat had a tab that slid into a bracket on the transmission tunnel . Thats the original maroon colored upholstery , round vents at the bottom . This basic 2/3 seat frame was used in early Trucks , Jeepsters and Wagons . Now that I think of it , I think this seat was from an early Wagon . The early Truck 2/3 seat mounted on hinges on the front and the Jeepster had mounting brackets around the sides of the frame . I’m too lazy to go look at my fleet right now , i’m herding lizards …

  2. Dave from Mn

    I at least partly figured out what the seat is. The original brackets are a match for a panel delivery. I’m cleaning out a 54 panel delivery for sale and I noticed that the seat is nearly perfect match other than the threaded inserts in the uprights.

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