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1942 MB Bowdoinham, ME $2900


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“everything is original, I believe I have most of the parts. Engine is not seized and appears to have good compression. It will be a fun project.”

1942-mb-me7 1942-mb-me8 1942-mb-me9


7 Comments on “1942 MB Bowdoinham, ME $2900

  1. Troy Allen

    I bought this one. It’s a 43′ MB , #220742 D.O.D is 3-23-43 , the boy and frame numbers match, engine is from a GPW.

  2. Joe in Mesa

    Congrats, Troy! It looks solid and promising. Were the front clip, seats and windscreen included? Still worth the price even if not.
    Seller hasn’t removed the CL ad yet, as of Wednesday morning.

  3. Troy Allen

    Joe, seats, windshield, fenders and hood missing. David, the engine number looks like “GPW 36983” but I have to clean it up to see for sure. The “story” is it came out of Brunswick Naval Air station surplus in 1962. Obviously somebody took it apart and that’s as far as they got. The frame is nice, straight and frame horns not screwed with which is good. Ironically I bought MB # 234360 last year right near this one. It’s all matching numbers, tub, frame and engine. Also torn down and also a project but well worth doing because of the matching numbers.

  4. Craig/Vermont

    Troy..I have a kinda rough early ’43 MB parts Jeep (frame tag #205890, no glove box tag)…. Has front clip, headlights etc. in Central Vermont…(no motor, but most of the rest is there)… 802-728-9682…Dave, hope this is OK to post…

  5. Srinivas gandham

    Hi good morning,
    I am planning to buy it and do restoration on the ww2jeeps,
    Please let me know if it still available and proper paperwork on this jeep and any parts,
    Thank you.

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