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1966 CJ-5 Kennewick, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **Sold** Was $3500.

This is a project, but the body appears solid.

“PROJECT. 1966 Jeep CJ5. Engine swap was started and GM 3.8 liter (231ci) V6 is mounted to frame. Mileage on engine is unknown. Body is straight and clean. Some surface rust in box. Needs brakes, clutch, front driveline, accelerator linkage, etc…Engine runs – but jeep cannot be driven”

1966-cj5-kennewick-wa3 1966-cj5-kennewick-wa4 1966-cj5-kennewick-wa6 1966-cj5-kennewick-wa7 1966-cj5-kennewick-wa8 1966-cj5-kennewick-wa9


3 Comments on “1966 CJ-5 Kennewick, WA **SOLD**

  1. anonymous

    blue vinyl bostrom seats — original equiptment in mid 60’s cj-s — villanova … 42 … kansas … 50 … 14:07 left in the 2nd half — final 4 — my stanford babes exited the womens ncaa final last night — sad — they shoot like girls … they need a big wo-man in the middle to muscle the opposition … which brings me to my date with a ncaa national champion coed runner … but this is a family forum …

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