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1942 GPW & ’43 GPW Body Kansas City, KS $7000


Seller also has a 1943 MB Trailer he is willing to sell for $1500. Though there are pics of the jeeps assembled, they are both disassembled.


“This is a repost of an original listing I mistakenly first put under auto parts. Its listed here as a Wrangler because FB doesnt offer any selections for ww2 stuff. This is a posting for a 1942 Ford GPW, and a body tub for a 1943 Ford GPW, and lots of miscellaneous parts. Also, for sale seperately is a 1943 MB trailer. ***I DONT HAVE EXTRA PARTS*** I restored a GPW a few years back, with the intention to restore at least one more jeep. These are the parts I have left over, and have decided not to do another restoration. Id prefer to sell everything all at once, as one package; You can then sell off what you dont need or want.

I’ll do my best to explain what I have, and will answer any questions, and of course you are welcome to come and look for yourself. Both jeeps have been completely disassembled, with most parts in boxes. Lots of boxes. The parts are a mix of post war and wwII period/correct. Pictures are of the actual jeeps, before teardown, and are not “rolling”. Not all parts in the pictures are present anymore as I did some pilfering for my jeep. You will likely need some help in loading and some way to tie down loose parts like axles, etc. I have plenty of boxes if you need.

Asking $7000 for the two jeeps, frame and parts stock listed below. No titles, but can give you a bill of sale.

1. 1943 GPW (serial #114840) includes: almost complete body (tub, hood, fenders, and windshield all original/period). Comes with post war: L134 engine, radiator, axles, but no frame or transmission.

2. 1942 GPW (serial # *78812 – matching serial tub and frame) includes: complete body (tub, drivers seat, hood, fenders, grill, and windshield all original/period) and rolling chassis w/ mechanicals – post war L134 engine, radiator, axles, two F-marked transmissions (one complete with guts, one bare housing) and t-case, frame and three post war wheels. (This is the more complete jeep with a frame, grill, wheels and drivers seat)

3. Frame and axles from a 1946 CJ column-shift. This could be combined with the 43gpw tub/body/motor above and make a decent re-enactor or motor pool jeep. Something that looks the part but wont win any accuracy awards.

4. Assortment of many parts, a mix of takeoffs from the above two GPW’s as well as parts bought later off ebay, etc. too many to take pictures, some post war, some period correct. Water pumps, generators starters, fuel stuff, brackets, oil filter stuff, carbs, etc. mechanical and body pieces, too much to list, please dont ask.

I also have a 1/4 ton trailer for sale seperately: Willys MBT trailer # 33768 – currently disassembled, but complete with original lunette eye and handbrake lever, and reproduction landing leg. The floor was fatally rusted through when I got it and of course the rear panel had been cut out by bubba, but I have brand new replacement panels for the floor and tail/rear wall that go with it. Asking $1500″


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