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Happy Easter 2022

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We had a surprise overnight visitor last night. Mitch was driving home from Moab yesterday, but the cold temps and long drive, especially over the Blue mountains, helped decide to camp at our place last night. It was a great surprise! So, no updates on this Sunday morning.


2022-04-17-mitch-camped2-loresHere’s one of the accidents Mitch saw on his trip north. For those that have driven it, you’ll recognize this spot as the beginning of the downward stretch of the Pendleton grade when leaving the Blue Mountains on I-84.


2 Comments on “Happy Easter 2022

  1. Willys P-Horn Ranch

    happy easter — my pronghorn antelope crew were resurrected and appeared for the first time this year — 7 members in the crew — odd , do pronghorns have calendars ? — are they christian ? — the easter bunny is here also , a large jackrabbit and baby under the house — wait till the the owl sees them …

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