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1954 M-38A1 Bridgeport, CT $11,000


Nick’s selling this good looking M-38A1 with much of the original lettering.

1954-m38a1-bridgeport-ct5 1954-m38a1-bridgeport-ct6 1954-m38a1-bridgeport-ct7 1954-m38a1-bridgeport-ct8 1954-m38a1-bridgeport-ct9

“This fully functional M38A1 wears its patina with pride. The Jeep was manufactured in 1954 for the U.S. Army and spent its life in Kansas before making its way to the east coast. It still proudly displays its original hood numbers and many of its military-issued markings. It underwent a complete chassis and drive train restoration. The body was removed for over two years, all the while its F134 Engine, 3-speed transmission, 2-speed transfer case, and axles were rebuilt to their original form.

The “A1” still retains its original 24-volt electrical system and all lights including black-out lights work. It runs strong and is a pleasure to drive. There is even an air raid siren mounted to the jeep for added fun when at a car show, parade, or going out for ice cream. The jeep will come with all spare parts, literature, extra jerrycans, a military duffle, and a small non-functioning generator. Asking $11,000. This M38A1 would make a great addition to any collection and turns heads wherever it goes.”


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