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A Quick Road Trip to MN

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In about a week and a half I will be making a quick trip to Minnesota (about an hour north of Minneapolis) to finally pick up a wrecked former racing jeep with a fiberglass Parkette body. David Franz has been great about storing this while I found a time to snag it.

The timing of this hasn’t been finalized, because mom’s title issues have been solved to the satisfaction of a title insurance company, so we’ll be listed her place this coming Wednesday, which means renting a U-haul to complete one last cleanup, but that will only take one day.

So, if you need something moved between Washington and Minnesota, I may be able to trailer it on my way to or from Minnesota.

Steve Carter mentioned that, coincidently, this race rig is a sister rig of sorts to my racing jeep. Mine sounds great and feels read to race, but it is just too tight of squeeze in the driver and passenger seat. Rather than rework the space, body, and cage with my race jeep, my plan is to drop the cage and body below onto my racer, which will give me more room (the body and cage are both wider). This also has a better clutch/brake setup than mine.

1954-flattie-parkette-crash0 1954-flattie-parkette-crash3 1954-flattie-parkette-crash1



6 Comments on “A Quick Road Trip to MN

  1. Bobby " Rockin Robin " Day

    thats a great looking jeep — but this is more important — i’m the proud father of ( 3 ) blue robin eggs — a robin has nested over my front porch — this seems to be a pattern with robins ? — nesting near known willys enclaves ?? — i’m so proud …

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Steve …. I’m pretty sure there was driver error involved! It does give me a backup rear axle and a variety of other parts. Whether the front axle is straight or not is less clear, as the brunt of the damage looks like it was inflicted on the bumper and frame. This was a nice looking racer before that happened.

    Here are some pics from before and after the wreck:

    Vernon: My bad. That robin gave up here and landed at your place.

  3. Dave from Mn

    Front axle should be ok. Passenger frame rail looks like it took the brunt of it. Believe it a 350 in it. Supposedly owner got a little to happy and hit a tree.

  4. John B

    I envy you, the WA to Midwest trip is a favorite.
    I have done it three times in the last 11 years…

    Took my roaster to Indy, drive back a vintage SL from Chicagi, drive to IN and back for a cruisr.
    Great trips.

    PS I you go through ND stop at Medora to visit Teddy Roosevelt’s old haunts.
    If you go via SD, stop at the car museum at Murdo. I’m sure they have a Jeep somewhere.
    They have everything else.

    Or I’ll show you my M38A1, it’s in a Jeep/MV restoration shop about 10 minutes from I-90.

    Have fun!

  5. David Eilers Post author


    Back in 2013 we spent some time in Medora and at the NP. There, we aided in capturing some pirates, lol (stupid people harassing bison and visitors):

    Regarding Mudro, I don’t think I’ve ever stopped there (will add that to the list). However, I’ll be sticking to I-94 on this trip (it’s our third trip to MN and back since March of 2020 … I guess we are in a rut :-), lol)

    Where along I-90 is your M-38A1? Feel free to email me at

    – Dave

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