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SUV Loaded into the back of a U-Haul Van

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This made the local news yesterday. Some genius thought loading this SUV into the back of a U-Haul was a good idea. However, the State Patrol was less impressed.



9 Comments on “SUV Loaded into the back of a U-Haul Van

  1. anonymous

    i have moved jeeps inside the 26′ uhaul trucks — dont tell anybody — along with tons of greasy engines , gearboxes and axles — just be sure to clean it out before turning the truck in — the 26′ ford f-650 v-10 6 speed auto slushbox is my favorite , its the ferrari of box trucks — feels good at 75 — the v-10 is being phased out for the new ford 7.3 v-8 big block push-rod ” godzilla ” motor — i rented one of these in frisco last year , 500 miles on the clock , spotless , virgin — i told the uhaul guys i am a big truck mechanic and that i would treat it like it was my own — they gave me the keys — then i took it to the hacienda and loaded it with filthy leaky willys stuff , the new aluminum floor got scratched from engines and axles — i felt guilty — but — whatever , the next renter would be doing the same ? — i honestly didnt like the new 7.3 v-8 as much as the 6.8 v-10 — the 7.3 is sort of a brute power hot rod motor — the 6.8 is silky smooth , but has power on tap when needed on those uphill grades into JEFFERSON … ps , one f650 rental i got was sort of DANGEROUS , a crook had siphoned some of the fuel from the saddle tank and left the breather on top open , of course the dope uhaul people didnt spot it — i left a trail of expensive gasoline for 100 miles before i noticed it — i screwed the breather back in and charged uhaul for all the gas , i coulda died …

  2. Blaine

    I remember in the early 70’s my sister’s first husband’s dad sold his property and moved. His blue ’57 Plymouth sedan was hauled in a U-haul truck. I remember hearing that nobody was to know that it was in the truck. The reason was because U-haul doesn’t want gasoline in the enclosed van body.

  3. CraigInPA

    I had a vintage Bentley delivered that way. The guy had some old 12″x3″x12′ rafter boards for the ramp, and some jack stands to stabilize them. He was towing a trailer with another, matching parts car. The ramp went from the back of the truck to the trailer. He had a winch bolted to the floor of the truck. It was beyond sketchy. There were many boxes and several wooden crates of parts in the truck, in addition to the car.

    When he took the car out of the truck, we had the trailer on the grass, figuring that if the winch let go, the car would come to a stop before it went too far. Despite some truly scary sounds, the winch held on long enough to get the car down to the ground.

    It took us 3 hours to unload. He gifted me the wood and the winch, because he was going to drop the truck off at the airport (who knew you could rent a Enterprise truck at the airport?) and fly home.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Craig: I’m glad it made it safely!!

    Blaine: I have seen vehicles hauled inside moving trucks, just never with part of the vehicle sticking out the back! I can’t blame U-haul and other rental companies from not wanting folks to use trucks that way. Between leaks, fumes, the danger, securing-vehicles issues, etc.

  5. Troy Haywood

    I loaded my ‘66 ford bronco in the back of a u-haul truck from Redding California to San Felipe Mexico for the San Felipe desert race and back to woodinville washington after my tow rig broke a crankshaft.

  6. Bingo

    U-haul box truck was my most frugal/cheapest option when the tranny crapped out, during a road trip, in my Tahoe. Instead of the ramp options, I chose to find a loading dock, where I paid em a twenty to lemme roll it in. Same on the end of the trip home. EZ-PZ! Prolly couldn’t git r dunn these days tho’, adjusted fer inflation &/or this litigious society.

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