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1961 FJ-3A/Fleet Van “Installer’s Model” Brochure

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I lucked out on snagging this unusual FJ-3A brochure. It focuses on the repair industry. It is form number 61-14.




2 Comments on “1961 FJ-3A/Fleet Van “Installer’s Model” Brochure

  1. Mike

    The picture with the ladder rack mounted on the roof reminded me of a distant memory, One early morning, still dark I backed up the Fleetvan I was driving smack dab into a telephone pole. One of the metal lineman steps that pultrude from the pole went right through the middle of the rear passenger side window of the back door. Lucky I had a spare rear window glass from a parts Fleetvan, 1960’s.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Mike: You were lucky it hit the window! That was a pretty easy fix.

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