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More from the Willys Rally

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UPDATE: Bill Norris shared a few pics of his jeep following the trail ride. It looks like they found a little mud. He said they had a great time.

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Chris recorded a couple more videos. Many thanks to him for doing this!

You may need to tilt your phone or computer sideways to better see this video.  This group of drivers is heading out for a trail ride.

This group of drivers is heading out for a road excursion. This one you don’t have to tilt your head…


8 Comments on “More from the Willys Rally

  1. Mike

    Even with the Kink in the neck, I apricate the videos. Yes, I agree, more of a JEEP rally, rather than a WILLYS JEEP rally. From what I’ve viewed, NEW Jeeps were there in equal numbers. Did I see only one Willys Wagon represented at the event? I guess I didn’t miss anything by staying home.

    Somehow, these events become less focused on the intended vehicle once they become popular, and more events keep springing up, and as a result loose their intended purpose.

  2. Barry

    I have a different take. Having had my Jeep at both the Reunion and the Rally, I experience two very different, but equally rewarding events. At the Reunion there was deep-diving into history. At the Rally there was discovery by the “NEW” Jeep owners of that same history. There were many “Wow – no idea!” moments that I think will turn into more fans.
    I don’t want either to change. And over the past few years I think both events have gotten better. I hope you will attend next year’s Rally and bring your knowledge to share with the “new” folks.


  3. Mike

    Barry, you make a good point, something I didn’t consider, just not too sure these “YOUNG GUYS’ value history. Either way, I appreciate your commentary.

  4. Patrick Keane

    Many of us that own flat fenders drive modern Jeeps as daily drivers. In the video, I’m driving a cj2a while my wife is driving our 2019 wrangler with the rest of the family in it. The show contained many older Jeeps while the adjacent parking lot had many modern Jeeps.

  5. Mike

    Patrick, Wow, I must live in the “Parallel Universe” Although I value my 3 vintage Willys Vehicles, my “newest vehicle” daily driver is a 1987 “K” car. I don’t begrudge anybody to be able to afford the incredible high cost of newer Jeep vehicles, as for me, not affordable. Give me the good old days, when I bought my new 1967 Jeepster Commando, monthly payments of $86.92 for 3 years. Those days are gone forever, I guess I’m hopelessly lost in time.

  6. Barry

    Mike, you aren’t wrong about young guys. A few years back I took my Farm Jeep display to a local Jeep club event and no one was interested. The Jeep Rally crowd is very different. I talked to a couple, not young, but middle-aged who had brought their Gladiator last year. They returned this year because of all the great people they met with old Jeeps. They don’t think they can afford an old Jeep (cost, space, expertise, time) but love looking at and learning about them.
    I am sure they would love to see your Jeeps and I would too.

  7. Mike

    Barry, I’m fortunate that I bought my Willys Jeeps decades ago, When I bought my 48 2A in 1975, I knew I would hold on to it, same with my 66 CJ5 & 62 wagon, glad I did, because today, I couldn’t afford it. As for the middle aged couple with the Gladiator, It’s my impression that it may be the next up & coming collector Jeep vehicle.
    Recently, I was able to purchase a 3D printed plastic 1/25 scale Jeep Gladiator pick up model on ebay. I was surprised at the excellent detail. Now that the “Big Boy” Jeeps are out of my price range, I’ve reverted to my childhood hobby of rebuilding my 1/25 scale Jeeps that I saved from decades ago.
    The old saying, “what goes around, comes around”, it’s true.

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